The beaches of Sanibel Island, as well as those on the mainland or on neighboring islands, offer plenty of opportunities for snorkelers to explore the underwater world. The warm summer weather and the area’s refreshing crystal clear water make an ocean swim simply irresistible. There’s plenty to discover just below the waves including colorful fish, playful dolphins, manatees, majestic rays, intricate corals and plentiful shells. Whether you’re an experienced snorkeler or getting your feet wet for the first time.

Do not worry if you don’t have the equipments, you can rent a basic snorkeling kit and a goodie bag, a mesh bag for collecting underwater souvenirs, from a beach sports shop. Strap on your equipment and swim off right from the beaches of Sanibel Island. In addition to the inshore fish, Sanibel Island is a prime shell-hunting destination, so keep an eye out for shells sticking out of the sandy bottom. If you see one, skin dive down and put it in your goodie bag.


There’s a lot best spot on Sanibel Island, such as Bowman’s beach, which is home to countless species of fish and other ocean wildlife, providing some spectacular snorkeling sights both at the reef , a short trip by boat and just off the shore. The beach is also known for its many shells. Next is Cayo Costa State Park. Swim off from the beaches of that island and explore the sponge-studded underwater ledges there. In some areas, these ledges reach up to 2 to 5 feet of water and teem with fish.

While you snorkeling, do not touch the coral, it looks like a rock but it is actually a fragile live animal. Touching, hitting or standing on coral damages it and some corals are sharp or can even sting.  Try to snorkel in water at least 3 feet deep so you can get a good view without damaging it.

Last, don’t go it alone,  causeway currents can make make swimming risky on some days. you can take a guided snorkeling tour with some charter tours. Usually, the tours take you to Cayo Costa to see the local fish and collect shells, and provide snorkeling equipment and a cooler for snacks with your tour. You can schedule a private group tour, which includes up to six members in your party or a mixed group tour of up to six.

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