Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving in which the scuba diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) which is completely independent of surface supply, to breathe underwater. This activity is so popular when you are going to beaches, especially in Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Island, near several shipwrecks and 20 artificial reefs that are best viewed while scuba diving. The waters in the Gulf of Mexico offer visibility of 20 to 25 feet, with water temperatures usually staying around 90 degrees Fahrenheit during summer and 50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. Some of the key sights to see while scuba diving include naturally-occurring limestone rock formations, vibrantly colored tropical fish, coral and game fish.

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Visitors call Sanibel Island a “perfect” scuba diving destination. The basis for this praise is most likely the 12 artificial reefs encircling the island. Construction of these reefs has led to increased sea life in the area, which lures both fishermen and scuba divers. Charlie’s Reef is the newest of all the reefs, but it has quickly become popul
ar because of the wide assortment of sea life and the beauty of its location, It is home to a diverse list of sea creatures, including moray
eel, nurse sharks, barracuda, grouper and cobia. Another popular reef is the Belton Johnson reef off of Bowman’s Beach. Divers should look for the yellow and white markers that indicate the location of this five-mile reef. About 15 miles from the coast, near the island’s lighthouse, lies Edison Reef, another popular reef for scuba diving. Formed from the remnants of a bridge, this reef lies in more than 40 feet of water and offers wonderful sights for divers.

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The USS Mohawk artificial reef is a great addition to the reefs off the coast of Sanibel Island, and Southwest Florida. This are
a of the Gulf of Mexico has a variety of shipwrecks, reefs and natural bottom structures that are enjoyed by scuba divers and fishermen of all skill levels.

Unless you have your own boat, you will most likely need a charter service to take you to the ideal scuba diving spots in the area. Its easy to find dive shops or scuba charters right on Sanibel Island, Do not worry if you don’t have a certification, they offers three-day beginner classes that can get you certified. It also provides training for children ages 8 and older. Expert divers will also enjoy their PADI and Universal referral certification dives.

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