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Sanibel Island is the more northerly sister island to Captiva Island in Southwest Florida. It is located approximately 45 minutes from the Fort Meyers airport. Sanibel island is perfect to be your holiday destination. But first, you need to pack all your stuff so you are prepared for perfect holiday experience.

When you are in sanibel island, most likely you are staying in a cottage, resort or condo roomates will be larger than a regular hotel room. Usually, most of these units have a small kitchen area for use. So, you are encouraged to bring  food and drinks with you. You can bring breakfast items such as Bagel Bites and Rice Krispie Treats,  also bring small wrapped snacks with you during the week. For examples like cookies, peanuts, potato chips, etc. Wrapped food will be easier for you, also you don’t have to make a visit to grocery store anymore. You can put your snacks in zip-lock bag, it will prevent food loss and ant invasion, South Florida is well known for having small black ants that like your food. Besides bringing food, you can also bring a large quantity of water, diet drinks and juices. Place the drinks in the refrigator as soon as you arrive and then you are set for the week.

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Now, you need to think of what you need for the beach, items to remember are chair, umbrella, straw mats, lounger and sand digger. Most of cottage, resort or condo provide a chair for you, but some do not provide, so you better check it first for further information. Also remember bring your beach bag full with all the essentials, such as sunglasses, sunblock, cap or visor, beach towels, water spray bottle, cover-up and a magazine or a book. In sanibel, there are many activities you can do at the beach, like shelling, bird or dolphin watching and many more. So, you can bring additional tools to like a pair of binoculars for bird or dolphin watching, and tupperware container for shelling.

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We move on to what you need to pack to wear for a week on Sanibel Island. The time when you go to Sanibel Island very influential to what clothes should you bring. The best thing to remember is that the temperature will be comfortable most of the year, so heavy clothing is not needed. If you go in the summer it can be hot, pack cotton is the best option, like shorts, short sleeve shirts or swimming suits. If you plan to boat, especially in summer, pack a long-sleeve cotton shirt to block sunrays. For fall or autumn visits, bring a windbreaker or light sweater. During the summer, sometimes rains fall, you can bring light jacket and umbrella for it. In winter, slacks and a light wrap will complete your vacation wardrobe. Also, you can bring 1-2 casual skirt or dresses for dinner out, lounging, and shopping.

Flip flops and sandals are the most common for the day. You can bring athletics shoes too for outdoor activity like bicycling and jogging. If you get caught in the rain, having a dry pair of shoes bact at your resort will be a good thing. Most importantly don’t forget the camera, iPad, phone, chargers and adapters . You want to be able to catch all those great memories for your scrapbook.

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