Sanibel Island FAQ

Q: Weather conditions in sanibel island?

A: Sanibel Island’s weather is very typical for Florida. In summers are hot and humid, afternoon thunder showers are common in the summer, and Sanibel are in a high lightning strike area. In the winters are mild with cool nights and warm days. For further information about weather in Sanibel Island visit our post.

Q: What should I pack ?

A: In Sanibel you can wear casual attire. Shorts and sandals are accepted Island attire. The restaurants are also casual, none require a jacket or tie. Other items you will be sure to want to include are Sunblock, Bug spray, a hat, and large beach towels. For further information about what should you pack visit our post.

Q: Are there grocery stores on the island?

A: Yes, Sanibel has 2 full-service grocery stores, Bailey’s and Jerry’s, and several convenience stores.

Q: May I bring my pet?

A: There are 4 dog friendly beaches in Sanibel, Gulfside beach (Algiers), Bowman’s beach, Causeway beach, and Fort Myers beach. Dogs are allowed on a leash, and owner’s must clean up after their pets.

Q: Where can I ride my bicycle?

A: Sanibel Island has 26 miles of bicycle paths stretching from one end of the island to the other. Florida law requires all riders 16 and under to wear a bicycle helmet.

Q: I’ve heard the bugs are bad in Florida, is this true?

A: Unfortunately, Mosquitoes love it here as much as you. They can become a problem as the sun goes down.

Q: I’m staying at a resort with no beach access. How can I get to the beach ?

A: There are several public access points on the island. They Are: Causeway Beaches, Lighthouse Beach and Fishing Pier, Tarpon Bay Beach, Bowman’s Beach, Blind Pass Beach, and Gulfside City Park (Algiers)

Q: parking rates on sanibel island?


Causeway Beaches Free Parking
Lighthouse Beach 153 parking spaces, $4.00/hour parking fee
Algier’s Beach 47 parking spaces, $4.00/hour parking fee
Tarpon Bay Beach 75 parking spaces, $4.00/hour parking fee
Bowman’s Beach 218 parking spaces, $4.00/hour parking fee
Turner Beach (Blind Pass) 28 parking spaces, $4.00/hour parking fee
Captiva Beach Free


Q: How do I choose what kind of accommodations are right for me?

A: Sanibel Island isn’t your typical beach-island resort. There are few name-brand hotel complexes so many visitors stay at a condo complex, inn or cottage. If you have a month you could rent a house.

Q: Do I need to rent a car?

A: Yes, Sanibel consists largely of a nature preserve, there are no street lights and it becomes very dark at night. Lodging options are mostly on the beach, while activites are elsewhere.

Q: What are some “kid-friendly” activities to do?

A: Sanibel is very family oriented, and there are numerous activities for children to enjoy. Collecting sea-shells, riding bikes on the bike trails, pool time, are just a few ideas.

Q: Best place to see dolphins?

A: You can see dolphins around the Sanibel Island, as long as you get up early, we always encourage guests to experience sunrise on the beach. The early morning hours are also when you are most likely to see groups of dolphins feeding just offshore, cruising up and down the beach. Sightings, although common are less prevalent later in the day.


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